When installed, data apps are used as data sources and connectors in Gtmhub. They sync data from third-party systems which serve for:

  • Creating Insights (charts) based on the business needs

  • Automating Key Results progress updates

  • Automating KPIs updates

Data sources in Gtmhub reduce manual user input and ensure up-to-date data is synced from multiple systems at all times.

Keep reading to learn about data apps in Gtmhub, and watch our video below to see how to submit a data app to the Gtmhub Marketplace.

How to submit a data app

Building a data app

Data apps require you to fill in a section called "Data connector app details for manifest".

A connector (data source) YAML has to be provided and details of how it will be set up after being installed.

Below we will review how the section configuration affects end-users who install the app.

Connector category - When installed, your app appears as a data source in Gtmhub. You need to specify the category it will be added to, e.g. Marketing, Files, Sales.

Navigate to Insights > Data Sources in Gtmhub to explore all data source categories.

Set-up instructions - Once your app is installed as a data source, it has to connect to a third-party system to start syncing data. You need to add instructions for the configurator which appear when they are setting up the sync.

Connection parameters - These parameters relate to the fields the configurator needs to fill in when they set up the data source (e.g. below Connection name and API Token)

Visit the Gtmhub's Developer documentation to find instructions on how to create the Connector YAML.

Testing a data app

You can test how your data app is set up and functioning in the platform.

Step 1 - Fill in the manifest section and save it as a draft

Step 2 - From the ellipsis menu, select to test app

Step 3 - Click on the data source and check the connection set-up fields. If you're ready with your YAML, test the data sync.

Please note:

If you've set up a connection for your data source app and you edit the YAML file - your connection is automatically updated with the new version.

Submit for review

Once you are done building your app, submit the app for review. Once approved by our team the app will be published in the Marketplace. If returned, you'll receive an e-mail with comments and the app will move back to draft.

Use privately

You can also use the app privately in your account. All draft apps are automatically installed in your account and are fully functional.

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