This article covers how to prepare your app for publishing on the Gtmhub Marketplace. You can watch our video or read the steps below.


You've created at least one draft app.

How to create your app listing

Working on the app listing

Step 1 - Open your draft app and start filling in the section "Update your Marketplace app listing"

  • App name, app icon, and teaser are the first things a visitor notices, so make sure they grab their attention.

  • The description gives an overview of your app and third-party system

  • A Video is recommended, but not mandatory

  • Category and tags. Each application should have a category. You can add tags so that it's easier for users to understand the benefits of your app. Users can search for apps in the Marketplace by category and tags in the search filters

  • Features. You should describe each feature of your app and provide a screenshot

  • Installation steps serve to guide the end-user on how to set up the app

Step 2 - Fill in the section "Add versioning"

Step 3 - Fill in the section "Add Privacy and Support details"

Gtmhub users will be able to access your company website from the app's listing. They should also be able to review your Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and contact you for support.

Preview your listing

  • Navigate to "My Apps"

  • Select your draft app

  • Click on "Application page"

You'll be able to preview what the app will look like to Marketplace visitors.

Submit for review

Once you're ready with your app-building and app listing hit Submit for review.

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