There are many situations where you may need a Quantive team member to have access to you account:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Consulting

  • Onboarding

  • Setting up Insights or Integrations

One of the things we value most at Quantive is security. Thus we have a strict control policy over who from our team can access a customer account (by default - nobody). All Quantive employee logins to customer accounts must be personal, so both you and us can have an audit trail of who has logged in to your account and what changes have been implemented.

It goes without saying, any Quantive team member you invite in your account does not count towards your licensed users and monthly bill.

How to Add a User

  1. Follow the instructions to invite a new user

  2. Success! Now the Quantive team member will have access to your account.

    NOTE: Quantive users invited to your account have the admin role permissions by default

Removing the User

Once we no longer need access, follow these steps to remove the Quantive team member from your account

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