Gtmhub partners can submit branded OKRs to the Marketplace. If the option to submit to the Marketplace is not visible to you as per steps below, this means your account is not part of Gtmhub Partner Plan. In that case, contact Desislava Tileva at [email protected] and ask to get your Gtmhub account added to the plan.

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How to submit a branded OKR template?

  1. Create an OKR

  2. Add Tags to it (e.g. Design, Product, UX) by which users can filter your OKR template in the Marketplace

  3. From the options menu select 'Submit to the marketplace'

3. Send your submission

! Once you've sent your template for publishing to the Marketplace, you can't make changes to it. If you'd like to make changes contact us via chat or send a request for technical support.

4. Our Product team will review your submission

5. Once approved your branded template will appear in Gtmhub Marketplace

Company name and logo

Each of your approved submissions in the Marketplace will show your brand name and logo. They can be modified from your profile in Gtmhub partner portal. Both systems work in sync.

We recommend that you keep your partner profile up to date and add as much company information as possible.

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