You are unable to log in to the Gtmhub MS Team app or the Gtmhub Home Tab in a channel. Logging in leads to a blank page in the Gtmhub Home tab, or brings up the login screen again, even though you have already provided your credentials.


This is a known issue, caused by specific HTTP headers being blocked sporadically. The login process can't be completed, thus the app requires you to log in again.


Follow these steps to sign in to the Gtmhub MS Teams app:

  1. Open a chat

  2. Type @gtmhub and select the suggested Gtmhub application

  3. Type anything in the preview OKR search box

  4. The application will ask you to sign in

  5. Provide your email (and optionally select which account you're logging in to, if you have several)

  6. You will be redirected to the Gtmhub login screen. Provide your email and password there. Click log in.

  7. If you have Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled for Gtmhub, on step 6. above you will see a Single Sign-On detected message appear once you complete typing your email address. Click continue. You will be taken to your SSO login screen. Provide your credentials and log in

Refer tot he below video for more information and an overview of the above steps:

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