Gtmhub enables you to select among several plans to fit your specific business needs. Each plan comes with its a set of product features and integrations, support, security and availability. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly payments contract.

For more information, see the Pricing page.


You select the desired Gtmhub plan upon starting a trial or purchasing a subscription. If, at any point, you decide you need a different plan, you can switch to it from your Gtmhub account.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Choose a plan.

  3. Move the toggle switch to Annual or Monthly.

  4. Choose your plan and click Upgrade now.
    Your plan calculation appears.

  5. Click Proceed to checkout and fill out your payment details.

NOTE: You can upgrade to a higher plan and switch from a monthly to an annual subscription at any time. You can downgrade your subscription and switch from annual to monthly plan during your trial period.

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