To receive automatic OKRs and Tasks notifications in Slack, you first need to enable the integration between Slack and Gtmhub. 

Login to the Gtmhub App first

Install the Gtmhub app from the Slack App Directory. Be sure to enter /gtmhub-login and login.

Pro-tip: If you already have the Gtmhub app installed, enter /gtmhub-okrs as a message to make sure you login.

If you own KRs or have Tasks assigned to you, you will receive the following two types of Slack notifications automatically.

How do OKR notifications in Slack work?

  • If you own KRs, you will receive the OKR notification based on your Report Settings (e.g., each Tuesday at 10:00 AM Mountain Time Zone) in the same way the email Aggregated OKR Report works.

  • It is important to select the proper time zone, day and time when you want to receive the reminder and mark the checkbox for all 4 options for what to include in the report. Notifications are sent for OKRs that have NOT been updated during the current candence, assigned to YOU personally. If there no OKRs meeting these requirements, notifications will not be sent.

How do task notifications in Slack work?

  • If you own a task with a due date, you will receive a Slack reminder 24 hours before its due date.

  • Gtmhub aggregates the number of tasks to 6 – meaning we send 1 notification for up to 6 tasks in once. This is to limit the spam of notifications.

📝 Once Gtmhub sends you a task notification in Slack, we set an expiration for 6 hours after the notification is sent. Meaning, when you try to interact with the notification within 6 hours upon receiving the notification—let’s say to update status from In Progress  to Done —it will work. However, if you want to update the task after 6 hours (from the time you received the notification), you'll need to go to the web app to make any changes.

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