How to invite the users to access/login their Gtmhub Account if they were just added to, but not invitation email was sent.


The invitation email contains information about your Gtmhub account, as well as login instructions for each new user. You select the option not to send the email if you want to invite users and configure the account first, prior to them being able to login. However, when you share the account URL with them, these users do not know their login credentials.

Please send them the URL address of your Gtmhub account: or
and inform them that they have to reset their  passwords to login successfully. They must follow these steps:

  1. Enter their email address

  2. Hit Continue button to go to the next screen

  3. Click on Don't remember your password? and another screen will pop up with your populated email address. Make sure it's correctly spelled

  4. Click Send email button to receive an email to reset your password

Once they are ready with this, they have to be able to access Gtmhub!

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