When you create multiple insightboards, you can beautifully organize them through tags.

Tags are 'free form' text that let you also search by them.

Here's how to add a tag to an insightboard from the dropdown menu:

Clicking on a tag anywhere in the Insightboard screen limits the current selection with insightboards that have exactly tag (and eventually the ones you have selected beforehand).

Each individual insightboard card shows not only the count of insights it has inside, and its tags, but also the type of custom permissions the author has specified.

In the example above, all insightboards are 'Visible to everyone' in your account.

All your insights are all available from the 'Manage Insights' button on the Insightboards screen.

From here, you can easily create an insight, edit one, clone, delete, change the title and description (which are visible in the UI) and also check in which insightboards the particular insight is used.

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