Changes in organizations are inevitable.

In Gtmhub, we've noticed that - due to the high level of interaction - company accounts don't remain static at all. As a result of that, users are being removed from their accounts now and then while new ones are constantly being added.

One of the most frequently asked questions from OKRs champions is "What happens with the OKRs when a user is removed from our account in Gtmhub? Are OKRs still available in the account afterward? Does the attainment being made remain or is all the progress lost?"

This how-to article aims to address these questions.  

Adding a Tag to the OKR:

A good practice is to always assign specific tags to the OKRs so that they can be easily found and sorted. You can assign multiple tags with drag and drop tags from the list or you can assign tags manually.

Here's how to do that manually:

  1. Select an OKR

  2. Click on the Tag icon

  3. Type in tags that you associate with this OKR

  4. Press Enter

Imagine that you have an average of 500 OKRs in your account. Assigning tags to OKRs is the first step in the process. By doing this, you'll be able to find the objective quickly. Otherwise, if you miss doing so, you may also find it but you need to remember the exact name of the OKR which - among 500 OKRs - might be a huge struggle. 

Removing the user from the account:

The second step is to remove the user from your account. While this is also a straight-forward process, please remember that only account administrators and other designated roles. 


Removing an entire team is another scenario. While this case is different than removing a user, it's also possible to occur.

Here's how to remove a team from your account:

  1. Go to People drop-down menu > Teams

  2. Select a team you want to delete

  3. Click the Ellipsis button > Delete team

  4. Select Yes, delete it 

Reassign OKRs ownership

After you tagged the OKR and after you removed the user/ who owned it, the final step in the process is to re-assign it to a new owner. 

Here's a short video that illustrates all the 3 steps being executed in a sequential order: 


Please note that the attainment remains the same before deleting the user from the account and after re-assigning it to a new owner.

Before deleting the user:

After deleting the user:

Changing the OKRs owner

There's a great difference between deleting and changing the OKRs owners. While the use cases might differ, 

Here's how to change the Objective owner:

  1. Choose an OKR 

  2. Click the Ellipsis button > Edit Objective

  3. Go to the Owner section > click Change > click + Select from list

  4. Choose the new owner

  5. Click Save

Editing a Key Result is also a straigth-forward process. Here's how to change the Key Result owner:

  1. Choose an OKR 

  2. Choose a Key Result to be edited

  3. Click the Ellipsis button > Edit key result

  4. Go to the Owner section and click Change

  5. Choose the new owner

  6. Click Save


Even though the OKRs owners changed, the attainment remains the same. 

Before changing the owners:

After changing the owners:

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