Gtmhub provides a fully exposed RESTful API with endpoints that cover all the aspects of Gtmhub.

You can explore the API documentation at

Generate an API token

You can generate API token in Gtmhub configuration. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Gtmhub

  • Navigate to Setup > Configuration

  • Select API tokens from the menu on the left

To generate an API token you need to give it a name and select the user that will be impersonated through this API token. The permissions you will have through the API depend on the permissions that impersonated user has.

Example: If the user you are impersonating does not have a permission to create new objectives, you will not be able to create objectives through the API.  For full access, select a user who is an Admin in the account.

  • Set the name of the API token

  • Select the user that API will impersonate

Account ID and API Token

To use the Gtmhub REST API, you must specify your account Id and pass a token to authenticate.

Your account Id is available on the API tokens page. Click on the Copy button to get its value and use it in your integration.

To copy your API token value, click on the API token masking symbols. Click on the Copy button in the dialog that opens to get its value and use it in your integration.

What comes next?

Now that you have your Account ID and API Key, you can get started using the API.  Start with this Method Overview to learn about the most common API uses.  And when you're ready, refer to these API Examples.

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