You can connect Gtmhub with Workplace by Facebook to keep everyone informed on and engaged with OKRs and progress.

Gtmhub Workplace integration allows you to publish following events to a dedicated Workplace group:

  • Objective created

  • Objective modified

  • Key result created

  • Key results modified

  • Key result deleted

  • Planning session created

  • Planning session modified

  • User created

  • User modified

  • User deleted

  • Team modified

Enabling Workplace integration

Workplace by Facebook is still in the early stages, so the installation process is not as smooth as the one for Slack.

You will need to obtain the Access Token for you Workplace by Facebook account and the id of the group to which you want to post updates.

Getting the group id

  • Log in to Workplace by Facebook

  • Create a new group or use an existing one

  • Navigate to the group

  • Copy the id of the group from the URL. The id is the number following the "groups/" part of the URL. Copy only the number, without slashes.

Getting the Access Token

  • Log in to Workplace by Facebook

  • Click on Dashboard in the top menu

  • Click on Integrations from the left menu

  • Click on the Create Custom Integration button

  • In the dialog, enter Gtmhub for Name and click Create button

  • In the Edit Custom Integration dialog check the Manage content permission

  • Click on the Create Access Token button

  • Copy the Access Token

Connecting Gtmhub to Workplace

  • Log in to Gtmhub

  • Go to Setup section

  • Select Configuration tab

  • Open Workplace section

  • Paste the Access Token in the Access Token field and group id to the Target group field

  • Select all the activities you want to publish to Workplace feed and click on the Save configuration button

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